Social Studies

Our mission is to offer students a solid foundation of historical information and themes so that they may better understand and interpret significant world-wide events during their lifetime. We also provide students with the opportunity to explore topics in the social studies that will broaden their understanding of human behavior. Course offerings include Modern World History, United States History, 20th Century World Culture, Criminology, and Psychology. Please refer to the Program of Studies for content specifics. We challenge all students to become curious, independent thinkers and learners.

Michael Feeney Social Studies Department Head mfeeney 3056
Michael Gennaro Social Studies Teacher mgennaro 5314
Thomas Kelliher Social Studies Teacher tkelliher 5736
John Long Social Studies Teacher jlong 5152
Timothy Medeiros Social Studies Teacher t_medeiros 5267
Darrell Morey Social Studies Teacher dmorey 5348
Francesca Murray Social Studies Teacher fmurray 5169
Danielle Velesig Social Studies Teacher dvelesig 5108