Department Grading Guidelines

Weighting of Grades

Teachers in the science department will weight tests and quizzes as 60% of the quarterly grade. In general 2 or 3 quizzes will be considered the equivalent of one test. Labs, including formal lab reports, major projects, and homework will be weighted 40% of the quarterly grade. Alternatively, teachers may weigh labs, projects, and homework for 30% of the quarterly grade and include a 10% participation grade. The participation grade will consist of objective measurements such as notebook check, class work, and ungraded homework assignments checked for completion. Tardiness and absences will not be included in the participation grade. Midterm and final exams will be weighted 10% each 20% if only a final exam is given.

Averaging of Grades

Teachers in the science department will use the mean of test/quiz scores and the mean of scores on other student work during the quarter. These means will be weighted 60/40 or
60/30/10 in determining the quarterly grade. Major projects and lab reports will be counted more heavily than routine homework assignments.

Retaking Tests and Quizzes

Students may not retake tests except at the discretion of the teacher as specified in the classroom management plan. Only students in good academic standing, that is those who are consistently turning in class assignments, will be allowed to retake a test. The grade on the retake test will replace the first grade.

Late Work

Students are expected to turn in all assignments on the assigned date. Any late assignments may be accepted for reduced credit as outlined in the individual teacher’s classroom management plan for up to 2 class days following the due date. No work will be accepted after the assessment on that particular unit. Students may make up tests until the end of the quarter. However, if a student does not make up the test by the end of the quarter, he or she will receive a grade of zero on that test. Students should recognize that
the longer they wait to make up a test, the lower their score is likely to be.

Use of Zeros

Any assignment for which no work is turned in will receive a grade of zero. Long term or multiple step projects will receive partial credit based on the amount and quality of the work turned in.