Programming and Web Development

Students may take courses to prepare them for an entry-level job immediately after high school or to prepare for a degree in Computer Science at a two- or four-year college program. Aimed at addressing the growing demand for IT professionals across all industries, students will learn the fundamentals to computer programming, web development and networking. Such topics include: Human Computer Interaction, Data Analysis and Visualization, Object-Oriented computer languages, Internet Protocols and Networking, Mobile Communication, and Robotics.

    Technology: Programming and Web Development Pathway
    Completion of this pathway will result in:
    Google Level 1 Education Certification




    Core Skills

    Computer Science I


    Exploring Computer Science

    Semester Long

    • Fundamentals of human computer interaction
    • Computational thinking
    • Data and Society
    • Problem solving
    • Basic web design
    • Basic computer programming
    • Basic computer aided design


    Web Development

    Semester Long

    • Computer files and storage
    • Fundamentals of web development in HTML, CSS
    • Fundamentals of web design
    • Internet protocols

    Computer Science II


    Introduction to Programming

    Semester Long

    • Variables and types in Java
    • Arithmetic operations in Java
    • Conditional operators and loop flow controls
    • Fundamentals of object-oriented programming in Java


    Programming II

    Semester Long

    • Build on Programming I Skills
    • Writing Classes
    • Using Iteration
    • Using non-primitive types (Array, ArrayList, 2D Array)



    Independent Study

    Possible Topics:

    • Programming Languages: Java, JavaScript, Python, Swift
    • Arduino Microcontroller
    • Raspberry Pi Single Board Computers
    • Vex Robotics
    • AP Computer Science A