Staff Directory

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Falmouth High School phone: (508) 540-2200

Alan Harris Principal Administration / Office aharris 3035
Paula Carlson Cahill Secretary to the Principal Administration / Office pcahill 3035
Thomas McManamon Assistant Principalof Academic Programs Administration / Office tmcmanamon 4048/4049
Alexis Marathas Assistant Principal Administration / Office amarathas 4048/4049
Susan Dowling Secretary to the Assistant Principals Administration / Office sdowling 4048
Gretchen Lennox Secretary to the Assistant Principals Administration / Office glennox 4049
Lindsey Mahoney Front Desk Secretary Administration / Office lmahoney 4000
Timothy Brandt School Resource Officer Administration / Office tbrandt 3103
Steven Edwards Fine Arts Department Head Arts sedwards 3235
Jane Baker Art Teacher Arts jbaker 5298
Corine Adams Art Teacher Arts cadams 5103
Alyssa Guida Theater Teacher Arts aguida 5238
Chris Ricci Music Teacher Arts cricci 3140
Casey Snyder Music Teacher Arts csnyder 1239
Todd Oliveira Director of Athletics Athletics toliveira 3022
Timothy Wakefield Athletic Trainer Athletics twakefield 5317
Carol Lourie Student Activities & Athletics Secretary Athletics & Student Activities clourie 3037
Lori Marks Food Service Working Leader Cafeteria lmarks 3016
Linda Devito Food Service Cafeteria
Maura Ebbs Food Service Cafeteria
Deborah Martin Food Service Cafeteria
Tammy Mathews Food Service Cafeteria
Carol Narbis Food Service Cafeteria
Tareisa Reine Food Service Cafeteria
Marcel Sanchez Building Manager Custodial msanchez 4007
Timothy Allen Leader Custodian Custodial tallen
Domingos Goncalves Assistant Leader Custodian Custodial
Miguel Braga Custodian Custodial
Paul DiAngelis Custodian Custodial
James Fournier Custodian Custodial
Jose Gomes Custodian Custodial
Joseph Lima Custodian Custodial
Samuel Magee Custodian Custodial
Ryan McSweeney Custodian Custodial
Alain Moniz Custodian Custodial amoniz 3011
Raynaldo Narvaez Custodian Custodial
Alberto Santiago Custodian Custodial
James Brooks Woodshop, Technology Teacher CVTE jbrooks 5325
Lynn Campbell Life Skills/ Early Education and Care Teacher CVTE lcampbell 3046
Michael Campbell Technology Teacher CVTE mcampbell 5509
Cathy Femino Teaching Assistant CVTE cfemino 3046
Kaitlin Hackett Life Skills/Culinary Teacher CVTE khackett 5733
Benjamin Harden Food Justice CVTE bhardin 1038
Larisa Hart Graphic Design Teacher CVTE lhart 5310
Janet Rocha Business Teacher & Internship Coordinator CVTE jrocha 5740
Ryan Webber Video Teacher CVTE rwebber 1733
Christine Nicholson ELD Department Head ELD cnicholson
Stephanie Feronti ELD Teacher ELD sferonti 5138
Diana Lee ELD Teacher ELD dlee 5311
Sarah Cox English Department Head English scox 3074
Shelley Abreu English Teacher English sabreu 5342
Katherine deMelo English Teacher English kdemelo 5215
Erin Griffin English Teacher English egriffin 5123
Leslie Richmond English Teacher English lrichmond 5269
Lauren Kenny English Teacher English lkenny 5216
Tyler Murphy English Teacher English tmurphy 5252
Danielle Phipps English Teacher English dphipps 5245
Daniel Sullivan English Teacher English d_sullivan 5309
Pat DiPillo Foreign Language Department Head World Language pdipillo 3047
Travis Andrade Latin Teacher World Language tandrade 5140
Molly Drane Spanish Teacher World Language mdrane 5184
Kelly Grace Spanish Teacher World Language kgrace 5259
Rebekah Sandefer French Teacher World Language rsandefer 5205
Susan Schmidt French Teacher World Language sschmidt 5106
Katie Stanton Spanish Teacher World Language kstanton 5730
Karla Steele Spanish Teacher World Language ksteele 2053
Alan Kazarian Guidance Department Head Guidance akazarian 4047
Patricia Malone Guidance Secretary Guidance pmalone 4044
Joanne Carrara Guidance Secretary Guidance jcarrara 4045
Susannah Brooks Guidance Counselor Guidance s_brooks 3072
Catherine Fauth School Adjustment Counselor Guidance cfauth 5735
Nicole Kennedy School Psychologist Guidance nkennedy 3246
Sharon LaCroix School Adjustment Counselor Guidance slacroix 4056
Kurt Lawson Guidance Counselor Guidance klawson 4040
Katie Lebherz School Adjustment Counselor Guidance klebherz 4042
Siobhan McHugh-Mullane School Adjustment Counselor Guidance smchughmullane 5735
Heather Nevulis School Adjustment Counselor Guidance hnevulis 4041
Rachael Paine Guidance Counselor Guidance rpaine 4043
Lindsay Ruthven Guidance Counselor Guidance lruthven 3071
Marjorie Solbo Guidance Counselor Guidance msolbo 4061
Lynn Duquette School Nurse Health Office lduquette 3091
Sharon O'Connor School Nurse Health Office soconnor 3090
Jill Parker Library Teacher Library / Media jparker 3128
Laurie Gatchell Math Department Head Mathematics lgatchell 3089
Patricia Bourgeault Math Teacher Mathematics tbourgeault 5171
Deryk Eynon Math Teacher Mathematics deynon 5292
Andrea Gennaro Math Teacher Mathematics agennaro 5343
Michelle Gregory Math Teacher Mathematics mgregory 5308
Rebecca Landers-Cauley Math Teacher Mathematics rlanderscauley 5240
Courtney Lima Math Teacher Mathematics clima 5349
Katharine McAuley Math Teacher Mathematics kmcauley 5109
Abigail Peterson Math Teacher Mathematics apeterson 5338
Krystoff Porter Math Teacher Mathematics kporter 5270
Brett Gormley K-12 PE/Health Department Head Physical Education / Health bgormley 3122
Julie Bosselman Health & Physical Education Teacher Physical Education / Health jbosselman 3132
Brenda Clements Health & Physical Education Teacher Physical Education / Health bclements 3233
Caitlin Dugre Health & Physical Education Teacher Physical Education / Health cdugre 3032
Stephen Femino Health & Physical Education Teacher Physical Education / Health sfemino 3635
Christine Brothers Science Department Head Science cbrothers 3065
Andrew Cozzens Science Teacher Science acozzens 5168
Scott Crocker Science Teacher Science scrocker 5258
Cory Dubuque Science Teacher Science cdubuque 5336
Kelly Garrett Science Teacher Science kgarrett 5358
Heather Goodwin Science Teacher Science hgoodwin 5330
Rupert Gordon Science Teacher Science rgordon 5321
Cheryl Milliken Science Teacher Science cmilliken 5199
Claudio Palhais Science Teacher Science cpalhais 5145
Nicole Shea Science Teacher Science nshea 5243
Michael Feeney Social Studies Department Head Social Studies mfeeney 3056
Michael Gennaro Social Studies Teacher Social Studies mgennaro 5314
Thomas Kelliher Social Studies Teacher Social Studies tkelliher 5736
John Long Social Studies Teacher Social Studies jlong 5152
Timothy Medeiros Social Studies Teacher Social Studies t_medeiros 5267
Darrell Morey Social Studies Teacher Social Studies dmorey 5348
Francesca Murray Social Studies Teacher Social Studies fmurray 5169
Danielle Velesig Social Studies Teacher Social Studies dvelesig 5108
Audra Reilly Special Ed Building Administrator Special Education areilly 3017
Kathleen Pokraka Special Ed Secretary Special Education kpokraka 3017
Debra Anderson Teacher Special Education danderson 5106
Anne Andrade Speech Pathologist Special Education aandrade 3076
Elizabeth Argentieri Reading Teacher Special Education eargentieri 2046
Dennis Ashe Teacher Special Education dashe 5170
Samuel Benoit Teaching Assistant Special Education sbenoit
Payton Bradshaw Academic Coordinator Special Education pbradshaw 5735
Erin Caswell Teacher Special Education ecaswell 5485
Jamie Crossen Teaching Assistant Special Education jcrossen
Rachael Curtis Teaching Assistant Special Education rcurtis
Karin Donohoe Teacher Special Education kdonohoe 5114
Michelle Drew Teaching Assistant Special Education mdrew 5187
Matthew Eaton Teacher Special Education meaton 5117
Kimberly Estep Teacher Special Education kestep 4063
Rebecca Gray Teaching Assistant Special Education rgray
Michael Hyland Teaching Assistant Special Education mhyland
Laura Kirsten Teacher Special Education lkirsten 5237
Conor Markham Teacher Special Education cmarkham 5303
Elizabeth McLain Teacher Special Education emclain 5156
Elena Morris Teaching Assistant Special Education emorris
Stefanie Morrison Teacher Special Education smorrison 3116
Alexis Nawrocki Teaching Assistant Special Education anawrocki
Susan O'Brien Teacher Special Education sobrien 5189
Joanne Palmer Teacher Special Education jpalmer 5206
Alexa Scribner Teaching Assistant Special Education ascribner
Michael Slavinsky Teacher Special Education mslavinsky 5742
Todd Tinkham Teaching Assistant Special Education ttinkham
Paul Carroll Security Monitor Security Monitor pcarroll 3034
Holly Belain Staff Assistant Staff Assistants hbelain
Lionel Hall Staff Assistant Staff Assistants lhall
Larry Werner Staff Assistant Staff Assistants l_werner
Thomas Stoll Building Substitute Building Substitute tstoll
Michael Schwartz Long Term Substitute Long Term Substitute mschwartz
Shiobhan Sylvia Long Term Substitute Long Term Substitute s_sylvia
Michael Falcone Director of Information Technology Technology mfalcone 4090
Julie Payne Assistant to Director of Technology Technology jpayne 4052
Christopher Hieber Computer Technician Technology chieber 3043
Ryan Webber Communications Coordinator Technology rwebber 1733
Tracey Crago Director Volunteers in Public Schools tcrago 4054
Drawde Geishecker Secretary Volunteers in Public Schools dgeishecker 4055
Michelle Itzkowitz Pathways Intern Volunteers in Public Schools 4055